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California Cut Flower Commission:
"Working hard for the California Flower Farmer!"

Since 1991 the California Cut Flower Commission has been working on behalf of all California cut flower and greens farmers to promote, protect and improve the opportunities and vitality of this important and valuable segment of California agriculture. 

The Commission's resources are focused on four key areas to help advance the interest and opportunities of California's cut flower and greens farmer. 

What are they?

  • Promotion:  The CCFC is recognized as the leader in promoting the CA Grown brand of flowers in the marketplace.  As a signatory member of the Buy California Marketing Agreement, California's cut flower and greens farmers enjoy the benefit of increased marketshare potential over competing interests due to the inclusion and promotion of the CA Grown brand in the marketplace.  California flower and greens farmers are currently the largest licensees of the CA Grown program and continue to find an increasingly positive nationwide consumer response and preference to the brand at the store level. 
  • Governmental Affairs:  The CCFC is the only organization in the floral industry dedicated to the specific policy and trade issues facing the California flower and greens farmer.  Due to the tremendous amount of import pressure, legislation and regulation impacting the ability for our farms to compete in a worldwide market, the Commission serves as a united voice, advocate and ambassador for you, the California flower farmer.  The CCFC works to educate lawmakers in Washington DC and Sacramento, serving on the necessary boards and committees and responding to the unique pressures that face your business. 
  • Grower Research & Economic Development:  The CCFC continues to be the lead advocate and resource for California floriculture research initiatives and business resources that will assist in helping California's flower and greens farms better compete in today's world market.  From bugs and dirt to studying the specific sustainability practices currently underway by California's flower and greens farms, the Commission is focused on ensuring your long term vitality.
  • Transportation:  The CCFC focused on helping California's flower and greens farms improve their ability to transport flowers to market.  California faces a nationwide demand for CA Grown flowers and competitive transportation plays a key role in providing market access.  The Commission is dedicated the effort of ensuring the availability and access to those important markets and populations that would prefer to buy from America's best source for high quality flowers. 

If you are a new flower or greens farmer in California, you are encouraged to contact the CCFC office and learn what more the Commission can do for you and how you can take advantage of the knowledge and resources available to you.

If you are a longtime flower or greens farmer that would like to learn more or get involved with advancing the interests of the California cut flower and greens industry, please contact the CCFC office today!

California Cut Flower Commission
P.O. Box 90225
Santa Barbara, CA 93190

P  916.441.1701

F  925.905.4489