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Grow Your Bottom-line with CA Grown Flowers!

Are you buying local?  Your customers are. 

Today's consumer is looking for a local, more sustainable product for their money.  Representing more than 75% of the flowers grown in the United States, California's flower farms often serve as the "local" choice for retailers throughout the United States. 

Why buy CA Grown flowers?

When you buy California cut flowers you are buying flowers that . . .

  • Meet the strictest growing standards in the world
  • They were raised in a world-class year-round environment perfect for growing hundreds of varieties of flowers, including specialty, exotic botanical and high quality every day cut flowers such as; gerbera daisies, roses, tulips, lilies, calla lilies, iris, larkspur, protea, gladiolus and many many more
  • Were probably still in the field just 24-48 hours ago

Featuring  to Grow Your Bottomline

Did you know that 85% of consumers do not know where their flowers come from?

Answering this question and educating your customers about where their flowers were grown and who grows them can often lead to increased sales and purchasing frequency. 

Let the CCFC help you feature your CA Grown flowers!

Become a California Grown retailer!  Learn how you can leverage the power of the CA Grown campaign to help drive sales.  By becoming a licenced CA Grown retailer, you will have a suite of resources to help educate your customer and feature your California flowers as America's choice for high quality flowers!

  • If you'd like to learn more about the CA Grown campaign and how your store, department, florist shop or online store could benefit from this campaign, contact the CCFC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 916.441.1701. 
  • Meet our California Flower Farmers!  Visit our California Flower Farm Online Buyers Guide and begin featuring the farmer you buy from!
  • Don't wait another day!  Contact your Floral Wholesaler or our farms directly, to begin sourcing more local product in your store or at your events.

Let the CCFC help you feature your California Flower Farmer!

As the organization representing over 275 flower farms in the state of California, we have collected quite a bit of resources designed to help retailers relate their flowers back to the farm.  Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about the importance of knowing where their products come from.  California flower farms are proud to help answer that question, even if that means in person! 

Retailers interested in connecting the flowers they buy with the people that grow them are encouraged to "feature their farmer."  The CCFC has made this introduction easier through a video series called "GrowTube."  GrowTube is a short YouTube video of life and style of the California flower and greens growing process, narrated by the farmer themselves!  Embed these videos on your website, blog or share them with your customers on Facebook

You can also look through the Commission's directory of flower farmers to gather information and images that you would find relevant to building your own "feature the farmer" campaign!  Do not hesitate to contact the CCFC staff with any additional questions.

Hint Your Way to Increased Sales!

The CCFC has recently developed a very creative method to drive increased sales of California Grown Flowers.  How?  Just give them a hint!

The CCFC's "Hint Card" program is a fun and whimsical way to encourage customers to return to your store for another purchase of America's best source for high quality flowers.  The cards themselves are to be shared and used by your customer to encourage their significant other to buy them the flowers they really want: California Grown Flowers! 

Provided by you, these cards can be placed on dashboards, pillows, lunch boxes, etc. to help you increase incremental sales.  To learn more, visit the "Hint Card Hub," an area on our site dedicated to the implementation of this program at your store: Hint Card Hub

What is the California Cut Flower Commission?

A message from the CEO/Ambassador of the California Cut Flower Commission:



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